Like all professionals I make use of the proper tools. I only use flat
buckle collars or choker collars.

I only believe in using a positive reinforcement training regimen, such
as food rewards and verbal praise.

I don't believe in using any harsh training such as shock or prong
collars.  When I train there is no  yelling, hitting or and kind of snap
back or strong leash corrections.

I believe dogs are a member of the family.  It is our responsibility to
teach the dog how to fit into the family.  We need to teach them what
is expected of them.  We also need to teach them what is acceptable
behavior in our home and what is not.  Dog training is about building a
bond between the family and their best friend.  Consistency, exercise
and discipline are all important for a happy well trained dog.  I will
teach you how to continue to work with your dog after we set him on
the right course.  Dog training is not just teaching your dog tricks.  It is
setting your dog up for a lifetime of good behavior and a happy home.  
I want your dog to be a joy in your life and to be included in the
family.  Together we can make your pet the best he can be!
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My Training Philosophy
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