About the Trainer

Rita Schrecongost is a Certified Dog Trainer and received
her certification through the highly reputable Animal
Behavior College.  She is also a member of the Association
of Pet Dog Trainers.  Rita is also a Canine Good Citizen
evaluator for the American Kennel Club.  
She has a rescued German Shorthaired Pointer at home
that she loves training.  She has a family history of
rescuing cats and dogs but specializes in dog training.  In
addition to her GSP, Rita has owned many other mixed
breeds such as her chihuahua mix Peanut, her black
shepherd mix Max, a chocolate lab mix Nikki, and a golden
lab mix Dooby.  All of these dogs were either rescued off of
the street or taken out of shelters.  

Rita volunteers at the local animal shelter several days per
week.  She helps train the dogs and get them ready to be
adopted into new homes.  She is also involved with a
volunteer organization that advocates for adoption of
shelter animals as well as helping to educate the general
public about dog behavior and how to keep them at home
safe with the family.  She helps take photo's of the animals
for adoption to post on the internet.  
Rita loves working with all different breeds of dogs from
large to medium and small.