I must stress to all, how important it is to get your animals microchipped.  It is
quick and inexpensive and can reunite you with your pet no matter how far they
may get from home.  If you do lose your dog and for some reason it loses its
tags he will still have a great chance of finding his way back home.
If you do lose your dog please be sure to post him on all of the following site:

Lost and found pets of Long Island

Also contact all of the local town shelters and veterinarian offices
Put up flyers with all of your contact information, not just an email address

Put them up in the library, at the supermarket, the gas station, etc.
The more people that see the flyers the better chance you have of being
You must physically go to each shelter and look for yourself.  Many dogs have
similar traits and features and what you see in your dog may be overlooked by
someone else.